Measuring Tips 

1. How do you want your item to fit? Consider this when you are ordering a dress. Is the dress you are ordering supposed to fit loosely, or is it supposed to fit tightly? Measure your body and add for the looseness you want to achieve.

2. Make sure you measure around the fullest part of your body to ensure you understand give some allowance the amount of room you want to have. 

3. Always consider if the garment's fabric is woven (will not stretch) or if the fabric is knitted (will stretch)? If it is woven and cannot stretch, always consider that when measuring your body to compare it against how much room you want to have while wearing the garment. 


Our styles are by all different designers and different manufacturers so there is NOT ONE PERFECT SIZE CHART to meet all shapes and sizes. 


1) Measurements can vary slightly due to how tight the garment stretches when being measured. We try to measure it across the front in a way that it would fit, but that could vary from the way you measure. The measurement is just another aid  to help you in determining fit.  
2) Exact colors may vary due to computer monitor resolutions, lighting, and photography lenses.
3) Patterned prints will vary from garment to garment. There will be differences in
how the pattern falls on every garment.


5 3 36
6 4 37
7 5 38
8 6 39
9 7 40
10 8 41
11 9 42